2023 Jubilatio Fund-A-Need

This year, we have an opportunity to support the diverse needs of our parish through the Jubilatio Fund-A-Need.  

Our parish has grown and developed a lot over the past twenty years, including our “Faith and Fellowship” and “Cherish the Past – Build the Future” Campaigns.  However, with the growing scope of ministry of our parish, some of the support systems have remained the same.

The current “Gator” utility vehicle is 20 years old and cannot support the many events and changed campus operations we offer. We are in need of an upgraded heavy-duty utility vehicle to provide additional support.  The new vehicle would include weather protection, additional cargo space, and increased reliability to help us deal with ice and snow, debris removal, and heavy duty towing and hauling. We are also in need of an additional light vehicle to assist with cleaning, light duty transport, and additional transportation.

Let’s work together to support the needs of our parish with the 2023 Jubilatio Fund-A-Need!

You do not need to be present to contribute.  Contribute online at https://SGMJubilatio23.givesmart.com