2021 Jubilatio Fund-A-Need

This summer promises lots of excitement. We are all certainly hoping to finally see the end of the pandemic and the opportunity to gather again in a more natural way. As a parish, we will also be executing the renovation of our church made possible by the generosity of many in our Cherishing the Past, Strengthening the Future Capital Campaign. New lighting, paint, carpet, and HVAC, along with the centering of the crucifix over the altar, will renew our “spiritual home”.

Although the narthex was not included in the original scope of the church renovation, we have been dreaming about how we can better utilize this space. Long-term goals include a complete refresh of the original section of the narthex, including removing the ushers’ closet to expose the stained-glass windows that are currently hidden there and to provide a new devotional area. More immediately, we are hoping to accomplish the following enhancements while we have construction skills on-site and certain walls demolished for the installation of new HVAC equipment:

1. Add cabinetry to replace the ushers’ closet storage.

2. Add a digital monitor and brochure rack in lieu of the current bulletin boards.

3. Renovate the two small restrooms.

4. Add permanent electronic cabinetry to the sacristy to house the bell system, streaming equipment, and church sound system.

This year’s Fund-A-Need at our annual auction will make these four priorities possible and prepare us for a more complete overhaul of the old narthex area whenever we have the financial capability. You can make your gift on the auction website (http://www.sgmjubilatio21.givesmart.com/) or by dropping a check in the collection marked “Fund-A-Need”. Will you consider a gift to add this “icing on the cake” to our church renovation project this summer? Every bit helps, and as we have seen time and again, the generosity of the SGM community is unmatched!