This shouldn't be much of a shock; but 2020 (and 2021….) has been a year full of deviations from the normal. During this ongoing pandemic, our churches have done their best to minimize exposure, learned to adapt to the "current norm", and figure out new and inventive ways to minister to their communities.

In light of this, it should be no surprise that we, in youth ministry, continue to adapt and reinvent ourselves regularly. In response to Luke 18 in the midst of COVID, we have decided to make several changes to the way things will be done this year to minimize the amount of contact, while attempting to meet our 8th graders' spiritual needs. 



  • Because our original retreat plan was off-site and out of state, unfortunately, we are unable to take students away on retreat for Luke 18. This year, we will be running the retreat right here at St. Gerard Majella, utilizing our own campus spaces.  
  • Although 3-day retreats are far more superior to 1-day retreats, we've decided to go with two 1-day retreats due to COVID. 
  • It will STILL be the weekend of March 6/7 as originally advertised.
  • We will offer a Girls' Luke 18 Retreat option on Saturday, March 6, and the Guys' Luke 18 Retreat will be offered on Sunday, March 7. 
  • Both retreats will start at 9:30am, will have the same schedule/content + talks, and will both end with a 6:30pm Sunday Mass Liturgy.
  • We will do our best to follow all COVID protocols in place, including temp check at retreat check in, masks required, and social distancing.

We will continue to inform you of information as we draw closer to the retreat itself. 

Retreat Registration