There is a Registration Fee is $30 per team member to help us off-set meals for the weekend. Please see link under Forms section.Thank you!

In order to prepare for the weekend, we will meet as a team many times prior to the retreat. MEETINGS ARE MANDATORYLuke 18 is the weekend of MARCH 6-7, 2020 at St. Gerard Majella.

Meeting dates are listed below. Please put these dates on your calendar now.


  • If you wish to be on the leadership team for Luke 18, and have ANY questions, concerns, or conflicts please discuss them with Erica NOW (do not wait until the last minute) and we will work to find a way for you to be involved.
  • There is a limit to how many team members we can have present on the weekend. If we are over this limit, teens will be placed on a wait list for the weekend.
  • Team member placement (Disciple, Cori, and Wait List) will be based on when applications are received and level of participation in SGM parish/youth ministry in the previous year. You will receive notification of team placement by February 18, 2021.

Luke 18 Team Meetings + Retreat 2021: 

  • Full team - both Cori and Disciples - Thursdays from 7:45-9 PM, Feb. 11, Feb. 18, Feb. 25 and March 4
  • Disciples only - Sundays from 2-4 PM (for talk prep and small group prep) - Feb. 14, Feb. 21, and Feb. 28
  • Full team both days - Luke 18 One Day Retreats - Sat, March 6th and Sun, March 7th from 9 AM to 7:30 PM both days. 
  • All meetings held in LL Majella. Luke 18 Retreat Days will be held on campus at SGM. 

By applying to serve on team, you agree to attend all meetings and preparation required to put on the retreat. You also agree to be present for both Luke 18 One Day Retreats in full. 

Due to the short nature of this year’s Luke 18, you will not be allowed to leave and come back at any point during the retreat days. If you have a schedule conflict or any questions, please contact Erica at prior to applying. 

Both teams will be limited in number to allow for social distance during meetings. Masks are required. All meetings held in LL Majella. Thank you! 

Luke 18 – What’s It All About?

Based on the 18th chapter of Luke’s gospel, Luke 18 is an overnight retreat for 8th grade students led by high school students (under the direction of the Youth Minister and Adult Leaders). The program welcomes the participants (called “Lukers”) into the church by helping them to experience God and His Love - a love that is unconditional and accepts them as they are. Through games, songs, skits, personal sharing, small group time, and a series of talks given by the Disciples, the “Lukers” are encouraged to have fun, break down their walls and see that God and His Love are present in their relationships.

The focus of Luke 18 is on inviting others to open themselves to God by sharing their faith experiences and learning from each other: it is about welcoming youth into the church - into a spiritual family where they are needed, treasured, and appreciated as the good and beautiful children of God that they are.


Disciples must be high school students willing to SERVE the “Lukers” by sharing their faith openly throughout the retreat. Disciples dedicate the entire weekend ministering to the “Lukers” including night prayer and chaperoning in rooms. They facilitate small groups and give talks. Disciples need to be willing to participate fully in all retreat activities with the “Lukers”.


Corinthians (Cori Team) make up the behind the scenes team that keeps the retreat going. They make sure all the supplies for small group sessions are in each room when needed. They also prepare and present skits and spend time in the chapel praying for the Lukers, Disciples, and the retreat. The Cori team members are dedicated to SERVICE & PRAYER - they take care of the physical needs so the Lukers may grow spiritually.

High school applications are DUE BY 7PM WEDNESDAY, FEB 10 and you will receive notification of team placement by FEBRUARY 18.