What is The Augustine Way?     The Augustine Way is guided spiritual exercises, discussed in bi-weekly meetings, to build the virtue of chastity. It honestly and realistically addresses the vice of impurity, particularly associated with pornography.

How often and how long are the meetings?     The Augustine Way meetings are bi-weekly for approximately 90 minutes. The expected duration of participation is approximately 6 months.

Where did the Augustine Way come from?     The Augustine Way was written by Susan Harvath, Ph.D. with the editorial assistance of priests and certified therapists. It has been in use for several years at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary and in local parishes of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Who should participate in The Augustine Way?     The Augustine Way- St. Louis County West is for men who are struggling with the sin of impurity, particularly pornography. Future groups may be formed.

How much do I have to share about myself?     Participants should share only according to individual comfort level and only for the purpose of self improvement. 

Do I have to belong to a certain parish to join?     This group is intended to be geographical, and not a single parish outreach. Participants are expected from the St. Louis County west region.

Who will lead this group?     Deacon Paul Arthur will lead. Priests of nearby parishes will advise, and with timely notification to all, may attend some meetings. 

What is the cost?     There will be a book fee of approximately $40.

Can I join at any time?     Yes! However, for planning purposes, please send a short inquiry email to Deacon Arthur at parthur@sgmparish.org