SGM Jubilatio Auction


Dear Parish Family,

This thank you letter is meant for EVERYONE involved in this year’s 11th Annual Jubilatio Auction Dinner.  Many hours were spent in planning, asking for donations from our loyal sponsors, donors, parishioners, and Amazon wish list shoppers.  We had so many faithful businesses and schools from our neighborhoods, with us again, with support of our parish. We are full of gratitude.

We thank Fr. Grosch and Fr. Rubie, Nicky, Laurie and Janet Wittenauer, and Ann, Lisa and Penny. who allowed command central in their office for months.

A lesson was learned by this committee, the evening of our auction, that trust and faith will guide all of us.  We learned that tornado warning sirens, cell phones blaring all over the gym, a trip to the lower level of the school for safety and coming back to the gym that is now lit in candlelight meant for the high-top bar tables is ok. It will truly be ok.  The power is out!

Angels were at work that evening and for that we are full of gratitude. Father Grosch’s, quick decision for all to take cover, when we were paralyzed on what to do. For this we are full of gratitude. A special thank you to Jim Gamel, our ever-working king of the Gamel company, and a dinner guest, and his angels who jumped into action to provide power by truck to light the stage, power the microphone and laptop.  We had an auction! For that we are full of gratitude. We have to say thank you also to Jim’s angels who worked so hard to bring everything (a huge mess) back to normal the next day.

We thank the angels with iPhone lights on, and flashlights who guided the catering staff to keep them safe through the gym and for those who served hot dinners to all of us. We must mention a special thank you to Sal Cusumano, our emcee, who went beyond his role as emcee. He was the calm in that storm.  For this we are full of gratitude. We thank all those bartending, you kept so many people happy and in place that evening. The same comment was heard over and over by the guests, “this was so much fun!!”

There was only one regret, because of all the chaos, funding our “need” of a new “Gator” was not accomplished.  Well…a lot has changed since that auction evening.  All of us were given a chance to come together as a parish, not just as an auction guest.  In a week’s time this amazing place came together with overwhelming generosity!!  With your gifts of treasure, and trust, we now have been amazingly blessed and we will celebrate you very soon.  We are now full of humble gratitude.

At the fear of this thank you letter becoming a book, we humbly say thank you once again. And, most importantly, we must say thank you to God, who kept us safe that evening, provided so many gifts and helped us realize that with trust, anything can be accomplished.

Even more blessings to all of you, from Jubilatio 2023 Auction Chairs,

Debbie Rehm, Alice Feltz, Cheri Cavage, Michelle O’Toole, Colleen Phillips, Erin Cusumano, Barb Hussey and Chris Hogg