SGM Jubilatio Auction


We Say Thank You!

Dear Parish Family,

The 10th Annual Jubilatio Dinner Auction “is in the books” as they say. One could just see when you walked into the gym we were all ready to be out and just celebrate, such a joy to be together again.

So many of you need to be told “Thank you” and you should know this comes from a very grateful auction committee.

The GREATEST thank you goes to the many donors; the sponsors, the

cash donors, our faithful local businesses and schools and those of you who embraced the Amazon Wish List and those of you who shared your vacation homes. Without the help of donations, there would not be an auction and the generosity in this place of ours is overwhelming. Once again, a humble “thank you.”

The auction evening also needs some kudos.  That was not accomplished by a magical fairy. Thank you to the many volunteers who came from all places to set up. Young and seasoned set up chairs and then took them back down Saturday evening.  Decorating, flowers and centerpieces, the coffee and candy bars and speaking of bars, thank you Men’s Club, they could not have run more smoothly. Thank you Chris Hogg!!! 

Everyone was in a great and generous mood. Thank you to anyone involved in the past 10 years, and it continued  through all turmoil of the past 2 years, because of all the awesome people at SGM.

We will have numbers to report soon, have to pay bills, little things like that. The GiveSmart site reported we made $81,000 (before credit fees) with the Live and Silent auction items and the raffle items. 

In closing, we need to say a special thank you to Father Grosch who stepped back and let us just carry on, allowing some chaos in the office and Father Rubie who seemed to have a growing interest day by day and donating a special chocolate torte he had delivered all the way from Vienna.

God Bless all of you and with gratitude from your auction committee,

Debbie Rehm, Cheri Cavage and Barb Hussey