Safe Environment (Protecting God's Children)

We welcome volunteers at St. Gerard Majella Parish.

St. Gerard Majella Parish follows the Archdiocese of St. Louis Safe Environment Program (Protecting God’s Children). The program is designed to help protect the youth, elderly, and vulnerable adults of our parish as they participate in activities within our community. This process also provides a layer of protection against the possibility of false accusations for those adults who are involved in our many ministries. If you have any questions, please call Lisa Vorwerk at 314-965-3985 ext. 2818 or email

The requirements for the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Program are:

  1. Attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop.  You will need to register for a workshop by going to:→Protecting God’s Children.  When you click at Protecting God’s Children, the list of workshops will appear.  Find a workshop that will work for you and write down the date.  Then scroll back up to the top and click “Start Registration” to begin the registration process.  It is very quick and easy!  It will ask you which workshop you want to attend. You only need to attend a live Protecting God’s Children Workshop once. However training must be updated electronically after a period of five years. 
  2. When you register you will be asked to read and electronically sign the Code of Ethical Conduct.  So, please read and sign the Code of Ethical Conduct.  This is your commitment to follow the Code of Ethical Conduct.
  3. Each person who wishes to work or volunteer must also register themselves in the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Family Care Safety Registry.  You must register on line at the following website: -> Register Online.  In order to register you will need your social security number and a valid credit card.  The online fee is $13.25.  Print off the form that verifies your registration and submit a copy to Kathy George at the parish office along with a completed Worker Registration Form.
  4. An additional one time background screening is required for any volunteer who has resided or worked outside of the state of Missouri in the past five years. Background checks are renewed every even numbered year by the parish for anyone who is still actively volunteering at SGM. So please notify the parish if you have moved or you are no longer volunteering with activities involving children or vulnerable adults at SGM.

If you think you are already in compliance, you may call the parish office to verify your compliance status. Please contact the Child Safety Coordinator at the parish office if you have any questions:  Lisa Vorwerk at 314-965-3985 ext. 2818 or

Schedules of Protecting God's Children workshops can be found here.

Missouri Department of Social Services Children's Division Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline: 800-392-3738.

For additional information related to reporting incidents of suspected abuse, please refer to the Archdiocese's Policy, Procedure and Guidelines on Child Abuse and Neglect Reports or contact the Office of Child and Youth Protection 314-792-7271.

Archdiocese of St. Louis