Together We Benefit

Here's how you can help!

  • Buy TWB gift cards. It costs YOU nothing and helps the parish imensely! If you pay $100 for a Dierbergs Gift Card, you get a Dierbergs card worth $100. The proceeds come from the store's donation, not yours. These cards are quick and easy to use! We have cards for grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants and retail stores.

If you have any questions, regarding the Together We Benefit program, please contact the Parish office, 314-965-3985.

  • Be a TWB Volunteer

Mass: We maintain a team of 60 regular volunteers who sell TWB certificates after Masses. We're asking each volunteer to commit to helping out just one Mass every 6 weeks – about 8 times per year. As a volunteer, you choose the Mass you regularly attend – either 5PM Saturday or one of the 4 on Sunday. If you are interested in joining the TWB Mass team, contact Mike Brand.

Your support of the project is greatly appreciated!