SGM Parish Auction

Thank You SGM

Dear St. Gerard Majella Family,

We, the Auction Committee, would like to step back from all of today’s craziness and take a few minutes to say, “Thank You!”  We thank each and every one of you who made a confusing auction event into a blessing. We are so grateful, and yes, we had many doubts.  However, we had faith this could happen in this beautiful parish family. The 8th Annual Dinner Auction “held” on March 28th will never be forgotten.

The Night in Emerald City, changed dramatically. The planning had to continue although filled with feelings of disappointment, no party with funny looking people; fears of the unknown, “what exactly is a Virtual Auction?” And so much anxiety was felt by three seasoned, mature ladies. How do we proceed? Do we even move ahead?

We cautiously traveled down that yellow brick road together and took a different turn to arrive at the one and only Emerald City, SGM. ALL of us made it together! Because of your extraordinary generosity of financial gifts, underwriting opportunities, adds, donations of auction items and your donating back the cost of your dinner tickets, this evening was a huge success. Again, we are very humbled to say, thank you. AND all of you understood what a “virtual auction” was. YOU placed bids all evening!!

We have some special praises for Pat Aker and Barb Auberry and their decorating committee, decorations would have been beautiful. We thank Barb Hussey as the graphics, one woman, always says “yes” committee and our ad man, Mike Haywood. We especially thank Arthur Clyne who tirelessly asks for Live Auction items from the east to west coast and everywhere in between and with extreme confidence. An amazing young woman, Erin Cusamano, needs even more praises as our advisor and master of everything. We could not have had the evening we did without her. We thank the office staff, Laurie, Nicky and Diane for allowing us to take control of the office almost every day for several months.  And we thank Fr. Skillman for being our constant cheerleader, who trusted and said more than once, “this will be the best auction ever!”  Thank you.

The auction committee hoped we had the brains, the hearts and the courage to get us all to that Emerald City on that March 28th evening.  We found out there were other plans and we realize now there truly is “no place like home”; home being, St. Gerard Majella Catholic Church and School and all the families that live in it. You are the ones that made it happen!!

We have to thank God for His quiet guidance and patience. Pray for those at Butler’s Pantry and Weinhardt Rental, who lost another evening of work. We ask that you never stop praying for today’s very confusing, stressful world.  We pray for the sick and the brave people taking care of them.  We pray for those who have died, they now see the beauty of Heaven.

With total gratitude and peace for all of you, your Auction Committee,

Trish Baldridge,      Mary Schmidt,     Debbie Rehm