SGM Jubilatio Virtual Auction

Auction Thank you

Dear Great People of this SGM Family,

One year ago in a panic, the Jubilatio auction had to make a change and quickly and we all know why. We all rallied and a successful evening we had. It was so successful, we decided we would move Full Steam Ahead in 2021 and out of necessity we had to try this adventure again in this new virtual world of ours.


All of us, all who boarded that ship put our hearts into its’ success on April 10th and this family did it. It is now time to humbly say “thank you” from your committee and we say it with so much gratitude. Why should we be surprised!! This is what this St. Gerard Majella family is all about.


We truly needed your help in different ways this year.  We asked for the gift of sponsorships, you gave without question. We asked for your help financially to help purchase some awesome auction items from local restaurants, businesses and travel experiences who struggled this past year. You were so generous. We say, thank you.


We asked you to support Butler’s Pantry and try a dinner party in your homes and 156 dinners were delivered, thanks to your kindness. And the meals were amazing and enjoyed by all. Thank you!!


The auction was given the challenge to raise $25,000 toward our Fund A Need to be used for the narthex and sacristy additions and renovations.  That goal was more than reached and $25,450 was raised!! Thank you!! This will be added to the generous donations by others that have been received.  We will enjoy gathering again in this great space at the end of this summer.


In the next few weeks we will be happy to report an update on the success of this year’s Full Steam Ahead voyage.


We feel saying thank you is not enough.  Please know, it is said with total, genuine gratitude.


Blessings to all of you,

Debbie Rehm and Mary Schmidt

Cheri and Richard Cavage