Posted on May 17, 2021 in: General News


“Evangelization and Faith Formation in the Digital World”

  • “FORMED is a subscription-based website that provides essential resources parishioners need to understand, live, and share the Catholic Faith”
  • “FORMED can be compared to Netflix for Catholics… but so much more! It has the best Catholic study programs, movies, audio presentations and eBooks from the most trusted apostolates, just a click away!”
  • “A 24/7 unlimited online access to these transformative video-based programs, audio presentations, movies, and eBooks.”

In simple words; this is an AWESOME site to find ways for all of us to discover so much about our faith, for all ages, anytime of the day, on our computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. AND it costs nothing to us; it’s a gift from our parish.

Give FORMED.ORG a try!

Our parish has a FORMED subscription.

To set up your free account, visit and select our parish.

You now have FORMED.ORG to enjoy.