Annual Catholic Appeal

Posted on April 28, 2022 in: General News

Annual Catholic Appeal

Next weekend, May 7/8, we will begin the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) here at SGM. Please make your gift to the ACA by picking up your pledge card next weekend after Mass, make a gift online at or use Text-to-Give by texting “ACA” to 243725.


Be sure to check out the Archdiocese ACA Video.

Did you Know?—The following are just a few examples of how schools, parish schools of religion, and agencies of the archdiocese are helped by those who give to the Annual Catholic Appeal.


  • 31% of all Appeal funds support Catholic Religious Education, supporting Catholic schools and Parish Schools of Religion across the archdiocese.
  • Catholic Charities receives $ 1.5 million to help those in need in our archdiocese.
  • Food pantries throughout St. Louis and the ten surrounding counties receive $50'000.
  • The 10 archdiocesan, regional and parish high schools receive $ 1.41 million.
  • Elementary schools receive direct support of $2 million to offset increases in teachers' salaries while keeping tuition affordable for more families. Another $75,000 is directed toward professional growth for teachers to improve the quality of our schools.
  • Newman Centers on college campuses receive $267,000.
  • Immigrant and Refugee Services welcomes people to our country and our faith, and is supported by $40,000 from the Appeal.
  • Religious Formation receives $200,000 to help educate parish school of religion and school religion teachers.
  • The parish Emergency Fund assists parishes struggling to meet their financial obligation in an emergency and receives direct assistance of $ 100,000.
  • Priests, who have served the Church for decades, receive $418,000 in assistance and care through Regina Cleri Priests Retirement Home.
  • The Rural Parish Clinic receives $ 125,000 for their ministry to provide medical care to the working, uninsured rural population in our archdiocese.
  • The Office of Racial Harmony receives $65,000 to provide parishes a resource for developing relationships among all of the different ethnicities.
  • Evangetization and Discipleship receives $425,000 to support parishes in their efforts to evangelize their neighborhoods.