Child Participation & Eligibiity

General Eligibility

Players are eligible for participation in the SGM sports program if any of the conditions below are met:

  • The player’s family is registered as members of St. Gerard Majella Parish
  • The player’s family resides within SGM parish boundaries
  • The player attends SGM school
  • If a player does not meet the above criteria, CYC rules require the player to receive a waiver from his/her parish or from the parish in which he/she resides, for each sport, each season. Please indicate during the registration process if you are not a registered member of SGM and live outside the SGM parish boundaries. Parents of non-parishioners are responsible for obtaining waivers from the parish in which they reside, as required by the CYC league. In the event you cannot obtain a waiver from your parish in advance of the first practice, your payment will be refunded. Waivers are generally only granted in exceptional circumstances and are determined on a case by case basis. Waivers are typically approved to allow a student from a neighboring parish to participate in a sport if no sport is offered by their parish of residence or membership.

The child must be grade eligible to play in a particular sport. For example:

  • The child must be in Kindergarten during the beginning of the season for Baseball/Softball and Soccer
  • 1st Grade for Track & Field
  • 2nd Grade for Golf
  • 3rd Grade for Basketball and Volleyball
  • Pre-K (4 or 5 year old) for T-Ball and Pre-K Soccer.


  • Any interested child of either St. Gerard Majella Catholic School or a member of St. Gerard Majella Catholic Parish is required to register on the EZ Roster website (
  • A child must secure permission from his/her parent or legal guardian by filling out our online registration form, which shall include a Release/Waiver of Liability. If the parent or legal guardian cannot perform the online duties as described hereby, then he/she will not be eligible to play.
  • A family registering a child to play a sport at SGM must pay all fees and deposits associated with that sport. The Sports Commissioners determine the registration fee with approval by the SGM Majella Club and sports council.

    The factors considered in determining a registration fee include:
    • registration fees
    • league fees
    • costs of officials
    • cost of facilities, including costs associated with SGM facilities and rental costs
    • costs associated with participating in tournaments
    • uniform replacement costs
  • A child must be registered within the deadlines set forth by the registrar and commissioner of the sport being registered for. Children who fail to register before the deadline may only participate at the discretion of the Registrar and sports commissioner when their participation is in the best interest of the SGM sports programs. A $25 late fee applies to all late registrations.
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