We expect our coaches, parents, and players to exhibit Christian behavior on and off the field at SGM and while at other sports facilities while representing SGM. For the various roles, these expectations include:

  • Coaches are to recognize and encourage the players regardless of results. They will model Christian behavior to the players. The coaches will provide equal playing time regardless of athletic ability and provide a safe and fun environment to play.
  • Parents should model sportsmanlike conduct towards other parents, spectators, players, coaches and officials. Parents and fans need to limit comments at the field to positive encouragement. Parents should let the coach instruct the players on the field.
  • Players are expected to show respect toward parents, coaches, teammates, officials and especially opponents. We want our kids to play fair, hard and most of all, have fun!

Your child and you are making a commitment to a team. Please show up at all practices and games on time. Please let the coach know in advance if you are not able to make practice or a game. Similarly, if you believe your coaches are not fulfilling expectations, please bring details to the attention of the sports commissioner.

No Dissent/Sportsmanship Rule

The CYC South Central District enforces the “No Dissent/Sportsmanship” rule during seasonal soccer play. “Dissent” includes, but is not limited to, questioning a referee’s call, requesting an explanation of a call or voicing displeasure with a call in a tone audible to the referees, players and fans. “Poor Sportsmanship” includes swearing, smoking, verbal threats and any other action deemed unsportsmanlike by CYC.

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