SGM Sports Philosophy

The purpose of our program is to provide a fun, instructive and positive sporting environment where children can learn sportsmanship and the fundamentals of sports along with other life skills that are consistent with the teachings of St. Gerard Majella and the Catholic Youth Council.

Our program aims to give as many students as possible the opportunity to both learn and participate in a variety of sporting experiences. An integral part of this entire experience will involve age-appropriate competition.

For sports for the early grades (also known as "pet" sports), the major emphasis will be on exposure to a sport's rules and skill development with an opportunity for significant participation. As students move to higher-grade levels, the athletic experience will increase emphasis on real game strategies and tactics.

The common goals of our athletic program include:

  1. Create an environment for the families of the parish and our neighbors to meet, interact and develop friendships that unify and strengthen the parish.
  2. Create a healthy and safe environment in which the youth of the parish can develop friendships, learn leadership skills, and improve physical fitness and self-esteem by competing in athletic competitions.
  3. Promote fellowship and sportsmanship with other parishes and educational institutions in the sports leagues in which we compete.
  4. Teach players the fundamental skills, both team and individual, and basic rules associated with the sport being played.
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