Team Formation Policy

The construction of individual teams shall be done in a manner which maximizes participant interaction and playing time. In meeting these purposes, a sports commissioner (with guidance from the Sports Council) shall consider:

  1. Mixing players who attend SGM day school and other schools.
  2. Mixing players in a manner that ensures that the makeup of teams varies from sport to sport. For example, the roster of players on a soccer team at a grade level is different than the mix on a basketball team.
  3. Whether the player is an open or closed player as defined by CYC.
  4. Requests by individuals to coach together limited to one coach and one assistant per team.
  5. For teams grade 5 and above, the skill level of players where there is more than one team.

Teams will be assigned as follows:

  • Kindergarten through 2nd grade teams will be by formed by randomly selecting children. The Sports Council will oversee this process.
  • In 3rd grade teams will be reassigned for all sports, including initial basketball and volleyball teams, under the guidance of the individual sports commissioner(s) and the Sports Council with input from coaches.
  • In 5th grade, if there are enough players to warrant the formation of more than one team in a given sport at a given grade/geneder level, then one team shall be designated as a competitive team and will be determined based upon an evaluation system determined by the Sports Council in consultation with the commissioner(s). The remaining recreational teams shall be constructed in the manner above.

For additional details on how teams are formed, refer to the Team Formation Policy

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