SGM Volleyball

Registration Fees

Parishioners$75 for 1st child, $50 for each additional child

Non-Parishioners$90 per child

Registration Period Opens in April or early May
Season Practices start in late summer. Games end in November.
Eligibility Boys and Girls in grades 3 through 8
Commissioner Aly Eveler & Emily Schaeffer


NOTE: Volleyball has both OPEN and CLOSED divisions. If your child plays on a CLUB/SELECT volleyball team, you must check “OPEN” when registering.

  • The game is played with 6 players on the court.
  • Eight or nine players are recommended per team. However, these numbers are only intended as a guideline. The Volleyball Commissioners will do their best to ensure that your child gets on a team if registered by the deadline.
  • Grades 5 through 8 are eligible for playoffs depending on their standings in their bracket.
  • SGM plays in the CYC South Central Volleyball District.
  • Practices are held in the SGM gym one night during the week, M-F.
  • Teams may start practicing as early as mid-August.
  • Games begin in mid-September and end in mid-November.
  • Teams play between 8 - 10 games depending on the number of teams in a division.
  • Games are typically played on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Some overflow games are played on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. They will not interfere with soccer games.
  • Each team may participate in one tournament before or after the season. The registration fee for one tournament will be paid by St. Gerard Majella Club (SGM Sports).


The SGM Majella Club provides uniforms for all volleyball players. However, all uniforms for 3rd through 8th Grade must be returned to the Head Coach at the end of the season. A fee of $75.00 per child will be charged to a family who does not return their volleyball uniform.

A fee of $75 per child will be charged to a family who does not return their uniform.


All parents or guardians are encouraged to volunteer in our soccer program as a head coach, assistant coach, team manager, practice/game helper, or party organizer. If your team already has a head coach selected, please ask the coach what you can do to help the team.

See the Volunteer Requirements Section if you are interested in being involved with this sport.

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